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HOSPITAL PHARMACY PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY (HOSPITAL PHARMACY STORE) 4.1 INTRODUCTION The Hospital Pharmacy Store (HPS) is the key facility in MOH supply chain and distribution ... cytotoxic drugs, Dangerous Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. 95 0 obj <> endobj x��}۲5Ǒ�-Y�VH�$�:X��y/�{���U0�h"�F�D`͕�=LX&,��W����� ���x��� ��Y�٫���KD�����:dVVV����i�{�������M�����. The services provided by the Department of Pharmacy are divided into four categories: 1. Inventory. Inventory turns is one of the key metrics used in evaluating how effective your execution is of the principles of inventory management. External financing of drug procurement for the public sector by international agencies, bilateral donors or development banks can also be a source of problems in some countries. Follow inventory best practices that offer strong clinical, cost saving, and revenue generating opportunities. branch of pharmacy that deals with different aspects of patient care, dispensing of drugs and advising patient on the safe and rational drug use. Total Quality Management 6. 114 0 obj <>stream Pharmacy Information Systems 2. Material in session 5 is adapted from Management Sciences for Health’s Managing Drug Supply, chapter 18, “Quality Assurance for Drug Procurement” (MSH 1997). Basic Computer Training 3. r�̦Y��}����^�� rience broaden our knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy are required. ... Chapter 28 Risk Management in Contemporary Pharmacy Practice 487 In a sense, the entire * Manage pharmacy inventory costs, conserve time and working capital, and improve purchasing accuracy. Control of Pharmaceutical Expenditures 4. To clarify the obligations of the designated manager (DM) with respect to the development of policies and standard operating procedures related to the procurement and management of drugs and medications in the pharmacy. q4�9�vU��>���NGK�.���Tic�3v�6��u�����IK�Jwڡ� �e�������l9�;�9�Oo��8K�B7�N�"U��q����b��.�I������Y��\�8\�}�-�@� �,v5ԀϘm��B�ZO�ڏa��1h�1hB�ڥ?9yn���8fB� 9��� =�� Presented by; AISWARYA.A.T, First year M.Pharm, Dept. List purchasing objectives and inventory management objectives for a pharmacy. Inventory Control - Knowledge and understanding of drug usage patterns, identification of slow and non-moving stocks, maximum and minimum levels, expiry date monitoring, stock counting/ stock checking and stock verification. Procurement in hospitals is the responsibility of the pharmacist or pharmacy staff, though skills beyond basic pharmacy are also required. On a daily basis, pharmacists must purchase and return orders to wholesale suppliers. ]�S�߿��������|2�2�Ӈ���.9g?� Processing purchase order: The procedure begins with need recognition. !�v���#7�dR��Z�i�� In such cases the donors or banks may have conflicting policies and regulations regarding drug procurement, which in turn may conflict �f`���� $�^� Don’t let profit sit on your shelves or expensive brand name drugs go out of date due to improper inventory levels. Learning Outcomes Demonstrate understanding of special. �)�Ӝ�%�Ӈ��?s��o�f�/�����P:��%ǥ�K��⡂�/�R�t���3_f(���~u���dヿ���]�����ݚb�~D7��=w~�N;������2O�������S����cu~��x�b�5�xz�_��w?���w~��)�/q>��O���o�~{��>��\,cu��'@��r����/�Y���@�u�޿r���� In certain industries, such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and even in chemical warehousing, managing inventory down to lot numbers can be critical to minimizing business costs. endstream endobj 99 0 obj <>stream The list of selected drugs is drawn in accordance with pre-established standardised therapeutic regimens. Get inventory management tips and best practices from a finance pro. Describe procurement and carrying costs for a pharmacy. This system is used to seamlessly combine five distinct functions that are vital to a pharmacy prescription, dispensing, billing, purchasing and inventory management. Automation in the drug inventory distribution process is helpful to pharmacist. 0 we used 5000 tablets last month) in making purchasing decisions. %�쏢 Pharmacy procurement keeps accurate records of all medicines in their possession and the funds applied in acquiring new medication. For these reasons, it is apparent that drug-expenditure-management will remain an area of focus and responsibility for health-system pharmacists for the foreseeable future.8 Systematic Approach to Medication-Cost-Management Measures �%�"Nf��� Data suggest that pharmacy technicians spend nearly one-quarter of their workday maintaining medication and inventory control systems. Drug procurement Drug costs make up an increasing percentage of healthcare expenses. 1.1.2 Scope of Community Pharmacy Community Pharmacy has a large number of scopes or approaches, which are related to patient counseling and patient drug control. Describe three methods of inventory management. Describe three methods of inventory management. Formulary Management 2. PROCUREMENT 1. PPIC (Procurement planning and inventory control) Division of a company plan and monitor for inventory. 3. Use for discussions of the TOOLS used to create an order. Purchasing and pharmacy managers use this data to optimize inventory and prioritize patient safety while simultaneously cutting unnecessary costs. 104 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4C78EB9F590DB3A45BD46602D5D30893><6B550C193385C74F9FFBCA0AF59000BD>]/Index[95 20]/Info 94 0 R/Length 62/Prev 400831/Root 96 0 R/Size 115/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Utilization patterns: How hospitals or clinics use drug utilization DATA (e.g. ... essential needs of a warehouse to ensure efficient and effective inventory management. hޤ�mo�0ǿ�_n/��8A����i����J�n� SP�j��ߝM �e����绳�K8#�I�C,$����'���D!����� ܏��`���ꊎ����J5.i�2�0ЛWse�ss[�y&Ui@La���o+9[�.x^Wi�͂ί'4ѯ�N���%}���S�4-0��=-0����)�et:�T�W�2T���~N~���`���p��g�}a�&o[}8���?��a��Ґ>�Xm��l�1���k�\=�9��j�Oؓ�F��'EDzܿ�hl>ZZ�DY��iXg*�l�;Uhj׽Q��f�UcSk�n�]U*�ң+B��Qy��u� ����w½ȝc��:ۚ��O������0��M�V��\�Ǭ�M�_O��1㍪�r[��E|S�.��_� ���/�6�� 1 Drugs are typically purchased from a wholesaler, each of which may have a unique system for ordering and in some situations may have the ability to establish … Inventory management: Inventory management processes at hospital or clinic level. system Execute lending transactions between pharmacies Use proper processes when receiving/storing drugs Identify key techniques for reviewing packaging labeling storage considerations. <> Procurement of Pharmaceuticals 5. Do you have the proper mix of pharmacy staff to add new drugs to your pharmacy? Automation in inventory management in-cluding purchasing control would help ardently.3) Computer assisted inventory management for oral Drug inventory management can be tedious work. �]}��_2W�&[h/ *������К�RU\�tj��n���EN�M�|?��nA_�y.���M��N�m�i� �U�͗. List purchasing objectives and inventory management objectives for a pharmacy. Inventory Turns/Stock Rotation. Chapter 19: Purchasing and Inventory Control. To ensure pharmacy procurement activities are operating appropriately, management should develop formal “Inventory is usually a pharmacy’s largest asset. PROCUREMENT Procurement is defined as a process of acquiring supplies through purchases from the manufacturers, their agents like distributors or from private or public suppliers. %PDF-1.5 %���� In this study, the former inventory management, only one inventory pharmacist in this private hospital h�b```f``R��:B ��� 8,>:�NL��d#âօSv0��lp9��o���+4���� �U6;�/>=C�x��u {m�i,�E���``��h`���`��`` �9:� ,с.RM�}@?2����@��e(� ��$�s\2��RTa8i�(~�����y"X��>�f�. Managing the Pharmacy Inventory Efficient Inventory Management (EIM) is essential to the profitability of your pharmacy. specialties, pharmacy, quality control, and even the end user: the patient [2]. %%EOF endstream endobj 96 0 obj <> endobj 97 0 obj <> endobj 98 0 obj <>stream Proper management of drug procurement is essential for addressing cost and promoting patient safety and quality care.

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