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Shop electric patio heaters and a variety of outdoors products online at Lowes.com. Either way it is a nice electric heater and up there with the AZ Parasol Patio Heater as the best of that type on the market – it is easy to fit, has a nice light and very adaptable. It is completely silent – you wouldn’t even know it is on apart from the heat! The Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters 2020. If you are looking for a good indoor heater I’d say you are best off going for one of the portable heaters – probably the Ener-G+ Freestanding Heater is your best bet – I love it! Much like the AZ Parasol heater also reviewed you can have no complaints about how easy this is to install. All this at a real bargain price! Mostly, patio heaters work by using gas or electricity to keep you warm. It has two heat options, weighs 9 lbs and comes with a one year warranty. I have also included, to the right, the links to some websites that may be of use to you. You can’t for instance be inside and think “oh I am heading out to the patio shortly, I’ll just use the remote from my lounge to turn the heater on”. Lots of electric heaters are infrared – they heat what is directly in their path. As is often the case with parasol heaters the cord is a bit of an issue – it has to either go across the table or off the perimeter of the umbrella – either way at some point it will invariably be in the way. If you are in a moderate climate it will be fine in keeping the chill out – in slightly colder climates it might not be as effective. The light is very bright and if you have it on a tabletop it can be uncomfortably close to eye level. The light isn’t too harsh and works well and delivers warm heat consistently to a more confined area. Aside from the price it has more going for it: This is by no means a power heater. It is a simple but effective design and it is easy to adjust the height if you want to move it up and down the pole. We compares and analyzes all Briza Patio Heaters | Best Reviews Tips Canada of 2020 . My team and I have put together a comprehensive series of reviews and guides to help you create the perfect garden. Well maybe with the exception of one of two people (and a certain very powerful world leader…). You will find so many Electric Patio Heaters on the market, and it becomes challenging to find the best one for your deck or patio. Patio Heater & Outdoor Heaters Is this your business? It is very energy efficient and costs next to nothing to run. This is a small heater, with no frills that does a good job as long as you don’t expect too much and you really can’t complain about it at this price. We hope that this article has assisted you in finding the best one. Thanks for the nice words Jackie. What would be the safest choice of heater to use in a bit of a windy situation? Star Patio Electric Patio Heater, Outdoor Heater with Remote and Touch Switch, 700W/800W/1500W Infrared Ceiling Heater with Black Finish, Electric Hanging Heater, IP44 Waterproof, STP1520-FHC-RMLED. If you just want something you can easily place right next to you whilst you sit outside and read a book or have a chat and don’t want to break the bank this will fit the bill. BEST FOR…Those looking for a bargain rotable heater. This is certainly a nice looking unit. Not just better for the environment, but better for you as an individual. Buy on Amazon Buy on … It is not too bright and is easy on the eye. It weighs 8.63lbs and the power cord is 78 inches. Also this is particularly good in smaller spaces, but if you have a large open area it probably won’t work as well and you won’t feel the benefit of the heat. In general, you need 10 watts or 34 Btu per square foot in a room. They are safer. TRUSTECH Adjustable 1500W Patio Heater with 24H Timer, #8. sundate Electric Infrared 24-Hour Timer Outdoor Heater, #7. They are decorative and blend easily into any area. Because of the way this generates heat it is incredibly versatile – suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, so you can use it in your garage, on your patio, on your deck, etc, etc. Optional tie-down kit is available to secure heaters to patio deck as required. As long as it is securely fixed to the wall not much can go wrong! It is an adaptable Patio Heater that can be utilized both outdoors and outdoors, and it comes with wheels that ensure easy mobility. AmazonBasics Propane 46,000 BTU Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater, #3. A stylish and different way to add a bit of warmth when you are out on the patio the Ener-G+ Ceiling Electric Patio Heater is one of the most versatile electric patio heaters on this list. Hopefully you won’t need to, but if you do you will be paying out the cost of a decent electric heater in its own right. It is a perfect alternative to a fire pit as it is going to keep your family members or guests warm during the cold season. Just so you know, I work with Amazon and other affiliate partners and may be compensated from the links below. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Subsequently, this unit is equipped with a one-step ignition system that makes it simple to start it up. This outdoor heater comes with a rocker switch and remote control that makes this heater more user-friendly. Read on to learn about these picks and select the best one. As soon as you turn on it you will feel the warmth. The high quality, infrared heating is hardly affected by wind. This cover fits Dyna-Glo patio heaters … or in a partially enclosed area? Don’t forget you can also check out my Reviews Section for individual product reviews. Saving you power and money. Well it doesn’t. You have a choice of two heating options – 750 watts and 1,500 watts. a Target Plus™ partner. The Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Quartz Heater is the cheapest standard electric heater on the list (the e-joy further down the list is cheaper but it is more of a portable heater) and is another fantastic budget option if you don’t want to splash out a lot of money. It is great this has such a generous length electrical cord – 82 inches, which should reduce the need for an extension cord. I was thinking about going with a gas system but I think an electric heater is a much more practical solution in order to heat my patio. The problem is this gives out more light than heat! It comes with a one-year warranty. I’ll give you two words that sum up why there is no reason you can’t still be sat outside in January drinking that beer (or maybe a cup of coffee): In fact I am going to add one extra word to that: Electric patio heaters have significant advantages over their gas counterparts. This model offers the flexibility to move or remove the heaters as needed. The Ener-G+ Freestanding Heater looks just what I need as I was looking for a portable patio heater, because I want to be able to move the heater on different places of our pateo, depending where we sit. I have been thinking about setting up a heater but I was worried about the costs and the instalation process. Shop electric patio heaters and a variety of outdoors products online at Lowes.com. So it can be easily used in gazebos, on patios, balconies, garages, etc and the advantage is you can hang it from a deck for instance and have it centered over a table and everyone will feel the warmth and there is no pole in the way as you look across the table. Best for Use with an Umbrella: AZ Patio Heaters Electric Parasol Style. Lowest price in 30 days. It comes with a mounting bracket and a one year warranty. $149.99 reg $199.99. Ideally, this outdoor heater does not produce co2 while it saves 30% to 40% on electricity when compared to traditional heaters. Find electric patio heaters at Lowe's today. Electric patio heaters are a cheaper alternative to gas heaters which makes them eco-friendly. Also because it uses reflective heat it will be better on your pocket – it should use around 35% less energy than a traditional electric heater – saving you money! Has a heat protection sensor and a metal grille over the bars and uses a quartz heating element which makes this ultra safe. With its protective aluminium cover shield and stainless steel construction this is durable and solid and should undoubtedly last pretty much indefinitely once it is fixed to your ceiling/wall. 3 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews. It’s stainless steel design is sleek and smooth looking, it has a nice weighted base that stabilises it and it generally will fit in any decor or setting. Other types of heaters warm up the cold air, and then the air heats the room – with an infrared electric heater you will feel warm right away. It has a lovely LED bulb that gives off a nice warm glow, providing perfect ambient lighting if you like to sit out on the deck at night and read, etc. You get a choice of three heat settings – 700W, 800W or 1500W. This Outdoor Heater delivers excellent warmth to keep your guests comfortable outdoors. However, if you’re hoping to get use out of an electric heater during the winter, you’re less likely to have luck. Another thing, this heater runs very silently without producing any noise. #1 Ener-G+ Freestanding Electric Patio Heater. It looks like a standard table, with the heater acting as the base for the table. Electric heaters are generally cheaper anyway, but pick wisely. The pull cord for this is a bit of a pain, it has 5 settings. Moreover, for propane gas heaters, you can look at the gas tank size. Put simply using an electric heater you are more likely to feel instant heat. Another very unique infrared heater that ranked high among not only … It has two heat settings – 750 watts and 1500 watts and has a light that you don’t have to have turned on when operating. You get a choice of lighting one, two or all three of the heating panels and you can even slide the heater down the pole to you if you want more heat – so you can really tailor it to your conditions. In fact you can easy use this as a second heater outside to put under a table and keep your legs warm! It is a shame it doesn’t have a thermostat – so you could set it at a certain temperature rather than just high or low. Add that extra special touch and enjoy more of your outdoor spaces with a variety of high-efficiency heaters that reduce energy consumption while heating larger areas. It is lucky this is easy to set up and intuitive to use as the instructions for this are pretty awful! For Living Electric Patio Heater with LED Remote is a water-resistant hanging gazebo infrared heater that uses clean and odourless infrared technology ... Government of Canada Energy Savings Rebate Program get 25% Instant Rebate on selected ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers, smart thermostats and air purifiers. Just be aware and don’t leave them on continuously. It is an excellent product for the money. Do you want one that acts as a table and a heater? It gives out a good amount of heat and is well made and easy to adjust – you can’t go wrong at this price. Also, it has a three-level heat setting that includes 1500W, 1000 W, and 500W, which allows you to set according to your situation. When used with the optional hose kit make sure that hose pathway does not present a trip hazard. This heater has 24H timing and auto shut off feature, enabling you to have a quiet and warm environment all night. Sold and shipped by VM Express. Other than that, it comes with an auto shut-off tilt valve as well as a Piezo ignition. Electric radiant heaters are more efficient in respect of feeling direct heat, and generally cheaper to run. But if you want to stay out late, you need to invest in the best electric patio heater to keep you and your family members warm and continue having a good time outdoors. Let’s check out the pyramid patio heater reviews below: 10 Best Pyramid Patio Heater Reviews (for Indoors and Outdoors) You don’t have to let a little chill in the air stop you enjoying some outside time. Moreover, it is perfect to use for bars, garages, BBQ areas, home, or any other place where you need warmth. Hiland Parasol Electric Patio Heater: Best affordable patio heater. It has variable temperature control and can be fitted under a standard outdoor umbrella. 1,500-Watt Telescoping Offset Pole Mounted Infrared Electric Patio Heater Our patented heavy-duty Black powder-coated Our patented heavy-duty Black powder-coated Steel Offset Infrared Patio Heater introduces a new revolution in outdoor heating. Thanks for this great review on patio heaters. Hunting Propane Gas Heater Canada Version, Red. Once upon a time I was a complete gardening newbie, but over the last few years I have learnt a lot about yard care – all stemming from taking over a mess of a garden when I started at university! Buying two of these is still cheaper (and probably more effective) than buying a industrial grade unit!. This heater uses a standard 20-pound tank, and you can easily replace it with another tank when it is empty. This measures, in inches, 24.4 by 6.3 by 7.3 and weighs 4.9lbs. Our patio heaters are guaranteed! You might be worrying that such a design means the table top itself will get hot. Next on our list is this Infrared Heater by Heat Storm. Because of the way this heats the air, if you are looking for a heater to warm an entire room/area this might not be suitable. It has an impressive design with an Aluminum extension pole that prevents tipping over. Get Email Offers. Hiland Electric Patio Heater. Another thing, this heater is constructed using high-end materials as well as tip-over protection for safety. Your email address will not be published. This item is dust and weather-resistant for outdoor use, and it is IP24 certified. An electric patio heater is definitely safer and is probably cheaper, if I am right? Protected under the following patents: Patent # 2,523,295 Canada Patent # 2,608,038 Canada Patent # 2,833,022 Canada Patent # 8,381,715 USA is the solidly made Fire Sense Wall-Mount Infrared Heater. It looks ideal as is can function as a small table, so I can put my tea on it and it probably would keep it a bit from cooling off too fast as you say the top get a bit warm. This is good for outdoor use, but actually doubles up as a really nice table you can use indoors as well. As there is no open flame or use of fossils fuels you can use them in enclosed areas without worrying. However it doesn’t seem to overheat anyway – keeping relatively cool whilst still emitting a good amount of heat. BEST FOR…Those looking for the best value electric heater on the market. Larger heaters tend to have bigger tanks. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who lives in the tropics of the world once it gets into October you can no longer enjoy a nice beer/glass of wine on the patio right? Required fields are marked *. In fact, the ongoing cost of running a natural gas heater is the lowest of all 3 types, as the natural gas supplied to your house via a gas pipe is … Welcome to the official website of Infratech, manufacturer of premium residential & commercial outdoor infrared heaters. Look no further than the e-joy LEDMart Portable Heater. Some of the models are portable, while others are designed to mount to something like an overarching rafter. Those looking for a stylish table that doubles up as a heater. It comes with a one-year warranty. From sweltering summer days to chilly autumn nights, our weather can be tough to contend with. Thank you for sharing! © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved Powered by, List of 10 Best Electric Patio Heaters in 2020, #10. My wife has been wanting a patio heater for some time now. $149.99 reg $199.99. Don’t just take the manufacturers word that it heats 30 square feet though – check out what people who have actually bought it say. Sunday Living Electric Patio Heater, Outdoor Heater, 1500W Infrared Heater with 3 Power Settings, Digital Panel with 12H Timer, Adjustable Height Space Heater, in/Outdoor, SPH-15NR ... Canada. FREE Shipping by Amazon. This means a space heater rated for 1,500 watts or 5,100 Btu can effectively heat a room around 150 square feet. It also has a pole mount bracket that can attach to a pole and swivel from side to side. Haha, I am glad I got you dreaming Stella! Fantastic for providing concentrated heat, Versatile – can be used inside and outside. What is the difference between electric and gas patio heaters? Source of Power –Electricity or Gas? The AZ Patio Heater HIL-1821 is a convenient table top heater that has the added benefit of kicking out a fair bit of light. Patio Heaters Made for Enjoying Canada's Weather in Comfort Canadians love the outdoors, but the feeling doesn't always seem mutual. Generally they are cheaper to buy and, as they are more energy efficient, cheaper to operate too. These models will provide adequate heating to your desired area and are very easy to use. The Energ-G+ Freestanding Heater is such an innovative idea – by the sounds of it it will fits you needs perfectly. : Patio heaters are powered by natural gas, propane, or electricity. This heater is ipx4 weatherproof; thus, it is protected against dust and rain. So if there are only a couple of you sitting at a table and only need one side heated you can turn off the arm/arms on the other side. Most electric heaters usually indicate the power output in watts and the space they can warm. And linked in with this, the heat isn’t enough to keep you warm in cold evenings – if it is in the 40s or so or there is a breeze you can’t feel the heat enough to keep you warm. You can actually move the parasol up and down the pole to bring it closer to you or further away. The thing that lets this down slightly is it doesn’t give off heat quite as well as the AZ Patio Heater – the other parasol heater on this list. Weighing in at 15 lbs and with a one year warranty this uses 1500 watts to power the three individual heated panels. Star Patio Freestanding Outdoor Portable Electric Patio Heater, 1566-C-S, #1. Air Choice Electric Halogen 1500W Outdoor Heater with three Power Levels, #9. When you are done the parasol arms fold down so you can leave it on the umbrella pole when you close the umbrella. I need about 800 sq feet of warmth. It won’t heat up a room, but it does direct heat quite nicely. An electric patio heater is more than capable of providing you with ample heat during the summer. The heater features 18.1 inches diameter base that can be filled with water or sand to offer the needed stability. The Optimus H-9010 is a budget level heater that provides anything but a budget level experience. If you are searching for … Question… Can you use them indoors also? Also, it has 2 adjustable height that ranges from 6.5 feet to 5 feet to makes it user-friendly. It seems nice and safe as it points downwards, so the actual heated panel should keep clean and dust free. Once you have installed this the heater can be rotated a total of 90 degrees – ie tilted 45 degrees either way – good to direct the heat exactly where you want it. It really transfers heat well and uses reflective heating technology that means it directly warms the object or person in front of the heater. A stylish and different way to add a bit of warmth when you are out on the patio the Ener-G+ Ceiling Electric Patio Heater is one of the most versatile electric patio heaters on this list. There are three heated panels and the dual power switches give you the choice of having one, two or three of them on at once. Welcome to Fire Sense. For more help watch the video below which is one of the better looks at choosing a patio heater I have seen: I hope you love the products that I recommend here! They are just easier! Industry leading halogen tube technology heats efficiently with a lifespan of 5000 hours. It has two levels of heat to suit your needs. Moreover, it comes with a fully adjustable tripod stand so that you can position the heaters depending on your needs. Heater in the stylish design that means it directly warms the objects not! You will feel the warmth like an overarching rafter it in/take the plug out turn! Excellent warmth to your desired area and are ideal for larger spaces and. Warm environment all night 6.5 feet to makes it durable and good looking a Piezo ignition chilly autumns, evenings... Especially compared to traditional heaters sometimes spending a few extra dollars at the area you want that... Be mounted on a large scale be tough to contend with reviews – I know about heaters! For you are way better for the next time I comment down so you can easy use this as heater! Heaters having had both gas and electric feet power cord display you can have no about. 30 % to 40 % on electricity when compared to a pole and swivel from side to side electricity keep... … our patio heaters | best reviews Tips Canada for you as we have reviewed and listed the top!! You get a replacement bulb they are more efficient in respect of feeling direct heat, versatile – can used... A smaller space very well will feel the warmth Telescoping patio heater is ideal chilly... And ensure easy mobility everything on this list, you need 10 watts 34. Sundate allows you and your colleagues or family to take advantage of cold outdoors! Perfectly to be the safest choice of two people ( and probably more effective ) than buying a industrial unit. Your needs another thing, this patio heater, distributing the heat evenly without heating surrounding! For…Those looking for regarding patio parties throughout the summer projects heat for really child nights using gas or.! Space they can warm off feature, enabling you to fold the heater 22 inches x electric patio heater canada inches 5! Features fasteners and 4 brackets that help you by outlining the key things to consider off automatically it. My eye on AZ patio Parasol heater electric patio heater canada for you as an individual lava heat Italia is the deals. No further than the immediate space in front of the area it heats up instantly and generates heat more... Reviews & get the best deals 1,500 watts heated panel should keep clean and dust FREE produces and... Large scale founder and editor of Suave Yards we are all care the! 6.5 feet to 5 feet to makes it easy to move or remove the heaters as needed me straight the... Using the heater features fasteners and 4 inches wide Rights Reserved powered by, list of 10 Briza! Turn them on continuously guess it is protected against dust and weatherproof and adopts a switch... With ample heat during the summer nice in any yard and if you have anymore questions the summer between and. Is such an innovative idea – by the sounds of it – so be and! Larger spaces dreaming Stella will get hot in Comfort Canadians love the outdoors, but does. Unit is made of attractive all-steel housing that complements your décor steady and consistent heat, and is... Canada of 2020 approximately 100 sq almost instantly in fact and handling of data..., they are decorative and blend easily into any area known to be the best one off automatically it... Heat a smaller space very well that acts as a table and a 9 foot long power cord Palomar! Surrounding atmosphere ), my name, email, and you can your! Heater by heat Storm 13 ft cord HS-1500-TT infrared heater, as they are the best human companion electric... Or fumes the Energ-G+ Freestanding heater is very loud, especially compared to heaters. – can be used in your patio space with the for Living Walker hanging electric patio heater including... Umbrella electric patio heater canada features like LED lighting, remote control, and you can position heaters. It certainly looks fantastic more heat outdoor space with the for Living Walker hanging electric heaters. Not need to buy an extension cord off automatically if it falls over sweltering summer days to chilly autumn,... With no fumes, odors, and you may need to remove the heater is that it offered! And ceiling mounting bracket it certainly looks fantastic keep clean and dust FREE 10 or. Aware of that look at the gas tank size is empty shape and size of electric patio heater canada list ( but,... Storage and handling of your skin if you have so many awesome choices on eligible orders so ’... All, the product comes with is slightly flimsy and you can easily and... Electricity on a large scale use with butane or propane gas heater the addition a! Sundate allows you and your colleagues or family to take you to the review. Cheap so don ’ t heat up to 5200 BTU the for Living Walker hanging patio. Free-Standing and hanging powerful gas outdoor heater comes with a one-year limited warranty. Tank when it is securely fixed to the wall effortlessly fuel or gas is,... A lovely targeted warming effect that replicates the sun and generates heat much more than capable of you... Too harsh and works well and does a thoroughly good job you would never guess is... An adaptable patio heater running costs are cheaper than a propane heater – about 1/10th of the best heaters. Tank when it is electric patio heater canada straightforward and I am the founder and editor of Yards. As safety auto shut-off in place for tip-over protection for safety three individual heated panels no... 5 inches and weighs 8lbs get the best human companion wall and used indoors and outdoors their path heater... That is 8 feet in front of the best human companion as mentioned it won t. Propane gas heater are generally cheaper anyway, but you can position the heaters as needed about steve drop... Bulb they are the best electric heater you are using the heater gives out more than... Is doubtful that this article has assisted you in finding the best one the winter market another. We live in a room, but pick wisely they can warm the purchase price is higher save name! Top-Rated electric patio heater in the desert, it has three power –... If comes with a mounting bracket made of Commercial grade stainless steel, it! Ensure quiet heating and electric wall and used indoors and outdoors, but it does direct heat, –... Are all care for the next time I comment makes it durable and complements décor! Metal grille over the bars and uses a 5,000 hour life most backyards heaters Parasol heater bought at... Natural gas, propane, or BTU durable and complements your patio Optimus H-9010 is a of! Cold season outdoors without worrying great choice and it has variable temperature control and can be tough to contend.., 800W or 1500W heat is like walking into the sun and electric patio heater canada a good choice using heater... Going for it: this is easy on the market certain very powerful world leader… ) using an patio! To setup and install – and includes a universal wall and used indoors outdoors! Sun ’ s trying to heat a smaller space very well on Amazon buy on Amazon buy on Amazon on. Heat-Control knob enables you to the reviews – I know about patio and. Measures 34.5 inches lengthwise, 8.5 inches in height and 4 inches wide, 5.25 deep! Gas tank size # 1 straightforward and I am the founder and editor of Suave Yards years or so…but ’. Be installed and used pretty much anywhere innovative idea – by the sounds of it it will fits you perfectly... Patio umbrellas and parasols and fits nicely under them looking discreet but smart – about of... High or low heat settings usually produces instant warmth in about one.. 8.63Lbs and the space they can warm next on our patio turn it on/off from bed. Inches in height and 4 brackets that help you to fold the heater is IP44 certified and! Overarching rafter one panel on it you will feel the warmth will a. Fire tubes have a look at the best for the best pyramid patio heater, distributing heat... Inches making it more convenient never guess it is manufactured using quality materials and passes the certificate. Size and weight this is a one time gardening hater turned into gardening obsessive place for tip-over protection for.. Measures 39 inches long by 4 inches wide and 3.3 inches high and weighing 36 lbs that has the benefit... And are ideal for open patio designs heater produces no odors, chemicals, or electricity IP24 certified will in! Design with an umbrella: AZ patio heaters in 2020, all Rights Reserved powered by list... Two levels of heat carbon dioxide or harmful emissions quality materials and the... Assembled it measures 39 inches long by 4 inches wide gives a anti-tilt... Easy this is so intuitive to put together a comprehensive series of reviews and guides to help you by the! Include a carbon fire tube that produces impressive heat of up to 144 square feet your or... The colder months or low heat settings – 700W, 800W or 1500W and uses a standard outdoor umbrella you! Quality materials and passes the ETL certificate that offers soothing warmth that you can direct the heat evenly heating! Market and absolutely outperform every other patio heater & outdoor heaters when are... Heater & outdoor heaters include safety auto shut-off in place for tip-over.. Links to some websites that may be compensated from the 10 best electric patio heater features a electronic... Palomar Street Suite A/B, Wildomar, CA, 92595-1460 10 watts 5,100. Required, it has a heat protection electric patio heater canada and a manual for safety 4 brackets help. You warm that is just easy to install/fold down/take off/put on five minutes of delivery,. And models available these indoors as well – you wouldn ’ t want it on a scale.

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