What We Do

What are our Strengths?Arctic APPROACH Management specializes in knowledge and insight at all levels of athletics. Our experience allows us to provide our athletes with all the tools necessary to reach their goals and to connect them with marketers to expand their image.

This quality has been achieved through vast experience on and off the field from the youth to elite levels of sport and in our experience with sports event management and marketing.

Can We Work Together?

We are committed to:

  • helping develop promising junior athletes
  • managing the career and image of elite athletes
  • creating one-of-a kind events to promote sport
  • bringing maximum visibility to your brand

Why Can We Help You Succeed?

We, at Arctic APPROACH Management, pride ourselves on our ability to be innovators. We are driven and will work tirelessly to get you the results you deserve. Our professional staff brings years of specialized experience that will keep you in touch with the current marketplace.

How Can We Help You?

Arctic APPROACH Management’s main focus is in bringing together athletes, clubs, meet organizers and sponsors in order to create lasting partnerships and viable development strategies in order to benefit everybody involved. Listed below are many of our areas of expertise.

  1. Competition scheduling and planning with individual athletes/coaches
  2. Negotiate competition entry and appearance fee
  3. Arrange travel and accommodation
  4. Assistance with matching athletes and commercial partners and negotiating sponsorship contracts
  5. Image assistance, development, and management
  6. Individual counseling for each athlete in a variety of areas
    a) Media Training
    b) Career Path Assistance
  7. Competition Development, Event Planning, and Startlist Management
  8. Corporate mass participation event entry and management
  9. Press and Media Relations
    a) Press Release creation
    b) Media liasion